Private Sessions


Each session an hour and a half and tailored to the individual, incorporating body,  breath work, and hands on healing.

I create an invitation. I reflect back to you what your body is saying, maybe something the mind wouldn't have been able to put into words. I give you prompts to inquire within your own energetic movement,   The work has a sense of play and curiosity, alongside huge energy shifts.  These subtle energy threads are usually a whole new muscle, allowing you to feel more clear, more empowered in how you approach life, enabling you to trust your creative instincts and allow disowned parts to integrate and heal.  

The “truth" that comes from letting the body lead is direct, confrontational, and instantly transformative. It involves risking our interpretation of the world from a mental value system to a living act of surrendering into feeling, allowing and intuiting. My work is to act as a channel to bring you back into alignment so you can come home to yourself.  Read more...




2019 Retreats: April: the Kingdom of Bahrain + November: Costa Rica

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“I feel as though my rebirth took place that saturday night of the retreat. since then the energy that I needed to release has dropped away! learning to stand fully in my power.”

“It was beyond magic making. I was reunited with the joyful, wild, creative little girl who always believed in magic and miracles!”

‘It changed my life. Cracked me open. Literally not the same after. Go.”

“I left all the fear, insecurities, shame and guilt. I am here in the moment, standing in my heart, body and soul. I am perfectly imperfect, standing in my power and feeling totally free.”

“Her touch makes you feel that all will be ok.”

“I felt my heart open in a way it hasn’t in a long time.”

“Beautiful circle of women spirits and this deep healing work. I felt very safe and held. Stella saw my soul, my purpose, knew what I needed to release and made me feel completely seen.”

"Stella is so wild and raw and playful so that I could be open and free and somehow also made me feel safe and held to let anything come up that wanted to. She's magical."

"The energy was incredible! it felt safe, empowering and just completely beautiful. I loved the setting, Stella, and the women. I feel like a lot of the heavy toxic SLUDGE I’ve been carrying around in my gut was wrung out like a wet towel. I feel seen, I feel open to more possibilities, and I’m unexpectedly feeling more safe & creative."

”It became very clear to me at the retreat how to pursue my own dreams, goals and sustenance.”

“I felt so powerful when I walked out of the retreat, like I knew more about who I was and what I stood for.”

”This is the best, simple, refreshing self gift you can ever have.”

“It broke me open, it was the final push to set myself totally free in a very safe space.”

 “Thank you for guiding us in one of the most beautiful weekends of my life.”

"You walk in as a total stranger and you leave with sisters for life. She runs the retreat  from a place of compassion, and it feels like a private session in a room full of other women. left my BS burned at the fire. First time not at war or ashamed of the little me. EFFING go! Just go. Did I say go? Goooooo."

”Stella has a gift and is a wonderful, intuitive healer.  She creates a safe space and she shows  true love to everyone.  She is natural, spontaneous, loving, kind, and DEEPLY gifted!!!  - And she makes it all fun!!!"

“I was filled with inspiration following the retreat. My creativity is running high and I feel more courageous stepping into my truth through the work I do.”

"LOVE the setting, the communion, the magical power of the fire ritual, the food was amazing…the perfect set up. Her magic power, legit for real. Her love and joy and enthusiasm."

“The work we did was robust, transformative and actually really fun! It was amazing to feel so grounded and so high at the same time!”

“She is not afraid to go deep with you but also honors your process.  Her energy is truly contagious!”

"I will refer friends; it was an amazing experience. The standing in my naked truth, I will never forget! I am so grateful! Thank you for the magic!"