Discover your aliveness and freedom through the body's innate wisdom and guidance.

whole being alignment


Stella de Mont is a Los Angeles based spiritual teacher and intuitive channel. Her work encompasses over two decades of experience and study in healing arts across multiple traditions. She focuses on direct experience, aligning your subtle energies and creating trust in your body’s wisdom. She finds levity and play alongside moving and releasing stuck energies. Her sessions, classes and retreats have brought her across the US and internationally. This work equips you with practical tools naturally aligning you back to your own divine guidance. Leading from this alignment leaves you trusting the body as an extraordinary compass of pure knowing with no egoic agenda, leaving you more creative, alive and free.

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"Working with Stella felt like a transformation - a rebirth.”

"I have been going to psychiatrists for years, but from the very first session with Stella, I felt more supported and impacted than from years of therapy."

"Stella has been one of the biggest gifts to my life. Working with her is stepping into the light. She helps to find buried things and bring them out into life, breathe into them, let them go."

"In a city of spiritual teachers, people are wary to do this kind of work, but Stella is the real deal. She won't let you avoid yourself."

"Stella serves as a midwife for spiritual awakening. She helps her clients give birth to who they really are."

"Every time I feel like, well, it can't get better than this. I have gone as deep as possible and have felt more grounded than ever or more intuitive and strong and connected to my heart then ever, I go for another session and I exceed my expectations of what I thought my spirit was capable of."


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Private Sessions 

 In a session, I create an invitation. I reflect back to you what your body is saying, maybe something the mind wouldn't have been able to put into words. I give you prompts to inquire within your own physical and  energetic experience.

Being here, fully embodied, a sense of divine wonder, connection, feeling safe and supported, anchored back into our fiery spark of knowing and creativity - this is our birthright. 

All of the comfort we're looking for outside of us is residing in the harbor of our own heart.  The 'truth' that comes from letting the body lead is direct, confrontational, and instantly transformative. I teach you how to harness your power, release blocks, and trust your own brilliant guidance. 


These retreats are deep healing, but move with a sense of fun, ease and safety as you return home to your divine power. I am here as a channel and guide to reawaken the clarified genius of spirit that is always present, reconnecting in a very tangible way to the brilliance, joy, capacity, and answers already inside you.

"I felt so powerful when I walked out of the retreat, like I knew  who I was and what I stood for."

"Stella has a gift and is a wonderful, intuitive healer.  She creates a safe space and shows  true love to everyone.  She is natural, spontaneous, loving, kind, and TRULY gifted!!!  And she makes it all fun!!!"

"The energy was incredible! it felt safe, empowering and just completely beautiful. I feel like a lot of the heavy toxic SLUDGE I’ve been carrying around in my gut was wrung out like a wet towel.”

"I felt the ability to drop my walls and got deeply connected to my higher self. I got to experience not only how powerful my body is, but my soul also shined through to play. I experienced  “me” in a totally different way.” 

"A mix of energy shifting, soul re-wiring, and reclaiming your own power within.  Fun, intense, and healing all wrapped into one."  

"I let go of all people and situations that we’re wearing on my energy, as well as forgiving myself and others in my life, integrating into a state of wholeness, joy, love, happiness and abundance. I am seeing the results and hearing confirmations from all I work with :)"

"I left all the fear, insecurities, shame & guilt. Standing in my heart, body and soul. I am perfectly imperfect standing in my power and feeling totally free. It broke me open, it was the final push to set myself totally free in a very safe space."

embodiment classes

"I feel my heart and body more. I've been kinder to myself this month  than in a long time, and also unexpected: I've suddenly had more clarity on  big decisions in my life, a wisdom on what I need and what I should be asking for."

 " within 20 minutes of class, I was experiencing so much peace and love and stillness.  it was as if my mind and body were healed and I could breathe and love  again."

“I came into the class very skeptical and not knowing what to think but once I took the first class I already felt a difference in the way i carried myself - everything feels much more natural" 



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