Discover your aliveness and freedom through the body's innate wisdom and guidance.

whole being alignment

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What is Whole Being Alignment?

 I teach you how to align your subtle energies creating trust in your body's wisdom + guidance.

Connecting directly to the aliveness in the body is not only pleasurable,  it's a beacon of divine guidance. 

People get really excited in this work because they're tapping into their essence, which is unshakable. It's full of wonder and clarity and power. You will learn to connect and track your  intuitive impulses, which are not derived from ego, but from your heart's knowing. When working from this place, the system is open, confident and relaxed.  There is more space. There is literally more you, which is the most beautiful  part - what people call "charisma" is  leading from this aligned self. 

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"Working with Stella felt like a transformation - a rebirth.”

"I have been going to psychiatrists for years, but from the very first session with Stella, I felt more supported and impacted than from years of therapy."

"Stella has been one of the biggest gifts to my life. Working with her is stepping into the light. She helps to find buried things and bring them out into life, breathe into them, let them go."

"In a city of spiritual teachers, people are wary to do this kind of work, but Stella is the real deal. She won't let you avoid yourself."

"Stella serves as a midwife for spiritual awakening. She helps her clients give birth to who they really are."

"Every time I feel like, well, it can't get better than this. I have gone as deep as possible and have felt more grounded than ever or more intuitive and strong and connected to my heart then ever, I go for another session and I exceed my expectations of what I thought my spirit was capable of."


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Private Sessions 

 In a session, I create an invitation. I reflect back to you what your body is saying, maybe something the mind wouldn't have been able to put into words. I give you prompts to inquire within your own physical and  energetic experience.

All of the comfort we're looking for outside of us is actually residing in the harbor of our own heart.  The 'truth' that comes from letting the body lead is direct, confrontational, and instantly transformative. I teach you how to harness your power, release blocks, and trust your own brilliant guidance. 


"I felt so powerful when I walked out of the retreat, like I knew  who I was and what I stood for."

"Stella has a gift and is a wonderful, intuitive healer.  She creates a safe space and she shows  true love to everyone.  She is natural, spontaneous, loving, kind, and TRULY gifted!!!  And she makes it all fun!!!"

"A mix of energy shifting, soul re-wiring, and reclaiming your own power within.  Fun, intense, and healing all wrapped into one."  

"I felt a strength that I felt I was lacking to move forward. The next morning I woke up with such a sense of support that I hadn’t felt beforehand and a readiness to dive in."

"I got to experience  deep bonding with a group of amazing humans, Stella took us through incredibly powerful experiences and exercises connecting to ourselves and each other. It was an amazing container of  energy and power, and I felt energized,  in touch with my body, strong and calm."

embodiment classes

"I feel my heart and body more. I've been kinder to myself this month  than in a long time, and also unexpected: I've suddenly had more clarity on  big decisions in my life, a wisdom on what I need and what I should be asking for."

 " within 20 minutes of class, I was experiencing so much peace and love and stillness.  it was as if my mind and body were healed and I could breathe and love  again."

“I came into the class very skeptical and not knowing what to think but once I took the first class I already felt a difference in the way i carried myself - everything feels much more natural" 



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