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"Working with Stella felt like a transformation - a rebirth. I saw one of my best friends this week and she was like, "Whoa! Something changed!" From the first moment Stella was open and warm and was in tune enough to create a space specifically for me and my needs. After just one session, I felt all the negative energy that was bringing me down, lifted. She worked with me on different techniques and ways for me to continue the healing practice on my own, empowering me to be my own healer. It's been a whole new world, like I'm entering every encounter from a new place."

allison estrin - casting director 


"Stella has been one of the biggest gifts to my life. Working with her is stepping into the light. She helps to find buried things and bring them out into life, breathe into them, let them go. Love them. I love how gentle Stella is in her approach; the work we do is intense, extremely personal, and very very deep, and there is a sense of extreme care and safety with Stella. There is no fear while I am with her. What Stella has done for my life... Here are just a few: she's helped me to embrace and be strong in all my humanness. She has taught me how to breathe into my body and ground myself on stage, on a film set, in life. To own the body and soul I've been given, and to start to let all of me out into the world. Stella has brought a calmness into my life that wasn't there before. The breath and body work she does is incredible, and I think so essential for every walk of life and career and creativity. I love working with her. She is an absolute treasure. (Do I have to share her with everybody?)"

jane stephens rosenthal - director / writer  


"My session with stella was magic. She read me like a book and put words to my experience and my power unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I let go of an energy I genuinely thought I was incapable of letting go of.  The reset button was hit on my nervous system. For the first time in six months the adrenaline I have been running off of had a chance to land. I slept like a baby that night and woke up with a tenderness in my heart that felt new.  A remembrance of the love I feel for my own being. I feel like I just landed in this human suit. My space and my energy feels sacred.  the dichotomy of where I was two weeks ago - having panic attacks and obsessive thoughts and feeling like an addict to emotional pain - versus where I am each moment here is just...wild. stella explained the indescribable... I left with a sweet prayer, a lightness in my heart and my eyes got three shades lighter. there is a brightness no photo will do justice. yet here I am, mesmerized by my own reflection like I have just arrived." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                annabelle bythe- poet 

"Stella has an incredible sensory awareness of truth in resonance. In our sessions I tap into a space that is inexpressibly peaceful, blissful and clarifying. Her intuitive guidance allows each meeting to be unique to the day's needs. I've had friends and family meet with Stella, and I have found each person receives unique, individual support based on their needs and current states of being. Our sessions invite me to practice self-love and self-compassion that is tangible. She has helped catalyze my spiritual growth in a major way. This process of creating a deep welcome for every thought, emotion, sensation that arises--even when they're unpleasant--has been the greatest invitation I've been given in my adult life."

eric henry - actor 


"Is there a better way to describe the effect that working with Stella has had on me than this: when I look in the mirror now, I find myself full of love for the person looking back at me? My eyes seem clearer and brighter. The first time it happened I was stunned, and now it's just becoming how I see myself. I think Stella once described what we're doing as helping me come home to myself, and that's exactly how it feels. I don't know if I've ever felt as connected to my body. I feel like I'm learning to connect and listen to the animal instincts and wisdom inside me. I found a deep voice I didn't know I had. I learned how to identify an actual gut feeling. I learned how to experience energy flowing through and out of my body - i took a selfie and was like "wow - i look amazing! :) - I'm literally shaking off years of grief.''

 marie condron - creative consultant


"I once spent a week in Peru with a small group of people being guided in ceremony by a very gifted Peruvian shaman. We were cleansed in rivers, did fire ceremony, hiked on beautiful mountains at a very high altitude and then were baptized by the shaman in a sacred pool. It was an incredible experience and I bring it up to say that when I left Stella’s house the first time I felt that exact same sense of stability and energetic cleanliness. She was able to bring that level of sacred healing and balance in 2 hours the very first time I saw her. I've worked with her several times since than and every time there is a new and incredible feeling of being connected to source. She helps me understand this process of becoming ever able to hold and wield more light. She is so tender with my insides and my process that she helps me learn to be tender with my wounded places. I am so grateful for her work.”

jenoa harlow - NMT therapist


"Working with Stella was an incredibly powerful physical, emotional and spiritual experience. With few words, Stella leads me down a path that unlocks feelings and blocks that are painful and true. With gentle and amazingly intuitive guidance, Stella releases pain and fears in me, making way for a far more grounded present way to exist day to day. My heart and head feel lighter, my awareness is greatly enhanced."

josh bitton - actor 


"I have been in traditional therapy and know it well. I’ve read a ton of self help stuff. I could intellectually tell you where are my hang ups were and where they came from, but I didn’t actually FEEL anything on a deep molecular level. Then I met Stella. It has been the experience of a lifetime. It’s incredibly intimate and personal. She’s been guiding me so gently to drop into my body - I have felt something so strongly move and release in my system. In my whole life that has never happened. My whole life is changing. I feel safer in the world in general. When I am applying what Stella teaches me and im consistent and relentless in applying it, I tap into this ease and everything in my career and life starts to work itself out. p.s. I also think Stella is one of the funniest and most charismatic people ive ever met. It’s incredible because I am an artist and performer and Stella meets me on that level and speaks my language. There is something huge there. She is such a joy to watch. So animated, so alive, so raw. I feel like spiritual teachers are sometimes a snore. Which is cool and its own thing. But, even if you aren’t willing to LEARN from Stella, you cant help but WATCH and FEEL her. So you end up learning anyways because youre enchanted. I also have a feeling she adjusts her language to everyone and I just think she's incredible."

rotana - recording artist 


"I feel seen, heard, and held with support and love every time we have a session. Stella is dynamic and very sensitive to the needs and growth of who she teaches. I leave her house noticing how blue the sky is and how green the trees are. I love being guided safely to get to know my self in a deep way. Working with Stella has helped my relationship with my self, my career, family, and friends. She has helped navigate me to make better choices - I have let go of some toxicity in my life and it wasn't because she told me to, but because she showed me life doesn't have to be so hard! I always feel lighter when I leave because we work with releasing trapped energy that needs to be freed up. Stella is very real. In a city of spiritual teachers, people are wary to do this kind of work, but Stella is the real deal. She won't let you avoid yourself. She is extremely kind hearted, enthusiastic, and very powerful. She is honest and will not let you get away with your BS!''

amaya jones  - jewlrey designer


"I've been working with stella on a regular basis for about 4 months. Within those 4 months our relationship has grown deeper and stronger then other teachers I have seen for years. My experience working with Stella has been nothing less then divine. She has been able to take me places energetically that are sometimes pretty uncomfortable, but extremely healing releases. What I love about working with Stella is that I know whatever happens when I show up is meant to happen. She creates such a loving safe space that all aspects of self can be explored. i didnt realize the fact that being out of my body was a comfortable state for me. Stella helping me get back into my body and to create a relationship with it has meant the world to me. Every time I leave Stella, I feel lighter and brighter."

jameson baltes - photographer 


"Stella is a powerful intuitive soul. I’ve come to her for healing during really difficult times, and she’s always been able to create a beautiful energetic shift. Stella accesses, understands, nourishes, and heals at a deep level. Even when I cannot understand or verbalize exactly what I need, I feel seen, heard, understood, and held by her. I’ve seen such tangible transformations in my intimate relationships as a direct result of our sessions, which is amazing!! I’m so grateful to work with this remarkable woman."

shavangi bhatt - physician 


"Working with Stella is an experience of being held safely while I explore my inner depths. We walk into the dark and come out to a beautiful scene I had yet to discover in my life. I always leave with a new part of myself revealed AND HEALED. The environment we are in evokes a feeling of calm and Stella brings a sense of fun and truth. I can more easily find my power and heart. I feel more stable in myself. I have an apartment I love and a job I love and income. I didn't have those things before. And those things could very well be attributed to feeling more grounded in my body. Plus, I mean no big deal, but I found my essence, my soul, my true self in that room so... that about sums it up. :) "

jackie shea - wellness coach


"After only one session with Stella, I felt a major shift in my energy, focus, and outlook on life. My visions for my art and career got bigger. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do next and how to make it a reality. Physically, my TMJ pain and headaches have literally stopped! I’ve craved exercise and moving my body and I’ve paid attention when it tells me to rest. For the first time I can remember, I feel like I’m not at war with myself. It’s a totally new experience. More please!"

lisa ebersole,  creator 37 PROBLEMS series


"I had been going to psychiatrsts for years and from the very first session with Stella, I felt more supported and impacted than from years of therapy. I am so thankful I found her, her support has transformed my life immensely."

john kliewer - comedian


"Stella is a spiritual awakening midwife. She helps her clients give birth to who they really are. Stella has a way of gently easing you into a deep place of intimacy and trust in the first moments of a session. This feeling of safety allows for huge transformations and deep insights to unfold. She is a deeply skilled guide through the sometimes wild river of awakening, healing, and spiritual evolution. I think everyone should work with her at least once in their lives. Stella brings joy, silliness, and humor into her sessions in the most delightful way. The laughter and fun is part of what facilitates the powerful energetic and emotional releases that are common place in a session with her. As a teacher and coach I would feel comfortable sending any student or client to Stella. Her work is 100% personalized. She is the real deal. Humble and powerful. Awakened and human. She will bring you to your knees, empower you to revel in your greatness, wake you up, and make you some jasmine tea and laugh with you."

jessica graham - author / spiritual teacher /sex and intimacy guide


"Stella came into my life at a time when I really needed her. She helped me to accept every part of myself and heal from my traumatic past. I always felt very loved and supported. Each appointment felt magical! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to open up, heal, and flourish!"

elizabeth doyne - writer / comedian 


"When I first went to go see Stella I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that my friend who had been going to her for a while was changing so drastically right before my eyes that I needed to go see this Stella person. I walked in to meet her and standing before me was this glowing, stunning, powerful being. Within one minute of sitting within her I knew that this was the beginning of an incredible ride.Right when I got there it was as if a switch had been turned on inside me to what I was feeling. I had no idea how numb I had been. I try to see her weekly and each week is completely different. What is so special about Stella is that she doesn't have one way of working with her clients. The experiences I have had with her are completely personal and specific to me. There is so much I love about Stella but the most exciting thing about her is that she is so unabashedly real, funny and bold. It is hilarious how much my life has changed since seeing Stella. Since going to Stella I have gotten more success than I have in the past in terms of work. I have felt more creative and connected to my work in a way that I had a hard time trusting in the past. There is an ease to which I go about my life and work and that change has been constantly rewarding me. Toxic relationships are falling away without much effort. My relationships that are healthy are more intimate and better people are coming into my life without trying. That's really the crux of all of this- I used to muscle everything in my life. Work, love, friends, play. Everything. And everything just didn't go how I wanted it. Through the work with Stella I have found a groundedness and ease and now I trust that things will just be as they are and the positive feedback from this change has been so immense it feels as if I have developed magical powers. That's really what all this feels like- working with Stella will give you magical powers."

dina shihabi - actor


"I went to see Stella for the first time because I battle with depression and I've tried so many things to feel better, but I was still feeling very low and wanted to try something new. I went in not expecting anything, except maybe adding something else to my list of things I've tried that didn't work. Stella is beautiful and joyful person who's full of life. I instantly feel more alive being in her presence. Stella wasn't trying to fix me, she just accepted me where I am, how I am and made me feel okay. In the time that I spend with her, I don't feel anxious about trying to get out of where I am. Stella creates and holds space for me to exist exactly how I am. She makes me feel deeply seen, heard, safe, and never judged. I don't know how to describe what she does, it feels like therapy to my mind body and soul by someone who really gets it. I love how I feel like I'm being dropped into my body and balanced from my overactive critical brain when I'm with her. I like myself more. She gives me homework and makes suggestions of small things I can do in my daily life to counteract when I get stuck sometimes. I don't always remember to do it, but when I do, I feel more intimately connected to myself and my experience of the world. I feel a deeper awareness of myself and my life after working with Stella, I've also learned to laugh at myself more."

deema alansari - art director - bond